Lower Ridge Fishery 

2 May

Lower Ridge- Saughall
And its fishing really really well, my rod turned into a hot rod and didnt sit still for 4 hours.

Beautifull F1s- the colours are unbeleivable and they are flying out, cant remember how many I caught I stopped counting at about 12,
A few nice tench (hurray for the tench)
About 4 nice commons up to about 4lb
And a big lake monster that took my bait and swam off that quick up the lake I lost it because I couldnt stop laughing, Ive never seen a fish go that far that quick (it might have been a tuna) it covered 50 yards before I could put my coffee cup down, Im quite glad I didnt have to land it actually I was a bit scared.

Alternating between 4mm plain, 6mm scopexed and 4mm red strawberry expanders and a piece of corn to slow things down when I wanted a smoke

Loose Feed
Micros, started at 4 per minute, then 8 per minute then they were grabbing them before they were landing so in went handfulls ( no finesse at all) Sorry Steve but they were really hungry

3 May

I thought all the chavs would be out today so I just took the lad with me to Lower Ridge in Saughall.

There were waves on the lake, it was like sea fishing.

As it had fished so well yesterday I thought the little fella would do really well in a quiet corner on his pole, I got that wrong.

We set up with the force 9 behind us and after fighting with a pole float and the wind for half an hour and getting nowhere I gave that up as a bad job and out came a heavier waggler- no chance.

By now Connor had given up on his mother as a bad joke and was sitting in the car with a picnic.

Not one to give up in the face of adversity along came plan C - float ledger with an inline feeder- loaded her up with micros and 4mm hook bait, out she went with the float about 6" proud of the water so I could see it over the waves and 2 mins later bingo- nice little 4 lb common, hurray Im not a failure.

Straight back out it went 5 minutes later bingo, common number 2 about the same weight.
Id promised myself I would go home after catching a second but I had some corn that I just had to use up so 1 grain and a handfull as feed around it ( well within a 10ft radius- which is quite near for me).

Rung Connor who was still having his picnic in the car to come and pack up and as he got to me, bingo, float went under again so I passed it to him to bring in as he hadnt felt a fish on the line all day and 10 minutes later - after largeing it up and posing to see if anyone was watching him,down on one knee, finger on the reel trying to be Matt Hayes out comes a nice 12lb er.

A little lad that was sat aroung the corner came to have a look and delclared that he hadnt had a fish all day and asked if I could get him one as well- cheekey monkey, they must think Im a machine.

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