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Bit of Info you might like to hear about.Since the demise of AWAC, Wirral borough council has decided to delegate the running of its park waters to newly formed Angling clubs.Birkenhead park will form its own club having jurisdiction over the two waters there and Wallasey Central Park and Captains pit will have a separate club with jurisdiction over these two waters.Both will form separate clubs but liaise etc.The Central Park/Captains bit club will be up and running 1st July(that's the intention anyway?)I attended the public meeting two weeks ago called initially as an expression of interest which was attended by 35  from the Wallasey area much to everyone's surprise?These waters will be managed by the new clubs and overseen by WBC.licences and memberships will be issued by the club's at cost.I can't speak for Brotherton park or any other South Wirral municipal waters as I don't know what's happening with them but there you go that's the latest on this story.I was asked to chair this club in Wallasey but respectfully declined having too much on with West Cheshire Footy and the media press officer for West Kirby F.C.,Who said retirement was taking it easy!!!! 

My understanding is that it will be £30 a year and £3.50 every time you fish. That's just for Birkenhead Park!

Did you know that there are over 20 fisheries on the Wirral?

 On the left is a list of some of the coarse fisheries located on the Wirral.

The information is of the bare minimum so a visit prior to fishing is advisable.

If you know of any other fishery on the Wirral not listed, please feel free to contact us on 

Wirral Fisheries

 with any information but also please make sure the owner/fishery allows such information to be posted online.

There are a number of fisheries and angling clubs on the Wirral where the owners do not want their fisheries or clubs on the web and their wishes must be respected at all times.

For more information on individual 
fisheries and how they are fishing I would suggest you check out the forum

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